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Sean Robertson seanr at ngpsoftware.com
Mon Feb 4 19:25:36 UTC 2008

> Although I have some problems with bad style, I have more severe problems
> with overall writing style which was intended for newspaper publishing
> rather than web publishing. RTE or not does not help this problem at all.
> The bad style I can fix in a few minutes. The bad writing is much harder and
> in most cases I have to talk with them to find out what message they really
> want to deliver in the few seconds that it will be looked at.

Care to elaborate on that?  I'd be interested in specific examples as 
well as general guidelines.

As for standards compliance, the reason I care is because non-compliant 
code can really fuck up the display of a web site (I have to fix 
something on www.johnconyers.com nearly every time I visit it because of 
FUBARed comments, etc.).

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