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DragonWize dragonwize at gmail.com
Tue Feb 5 18:35:15 UTC 2008

> How would you compare HTMLPurifier with tidy?

The big difference between HTMLPurifier and Tidy is security and
filtering. Tidy will let you clean your code style and make sure that
tags are closed, etc. HTMLPurifier actually uses Tidy to perform those
tasks. However, where HTMLPurifier shines and the reason that
embed/object code is stripped is that it not only makes sure your code
is correct it makes sure it is safe. It removes all script, object,
etc that could cause a security attack.

read more about HTMLPurifier: http://htmlpurifier.org/

I use HTMLPurifier where ever I can. However, HTMLPurifier, like
Drupal, can be resource intensive. So it is best to apply it as a
in-bound filter.

Alan Doucette
Koi Technology, LLC

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