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wolf wolf at networkdefense.biz
Tue Feb 5 17:38:41 UTC 2008

I am at the beginning of an informal project to add some features to
ecommerce on drupal.  The current system is great for people with small
catalogs, or who want to add one or 2 items a day, incrementally
developing a large catalog, however the only thing it appears one may do
en mass is delete products.  This is my "hello world" project in drupal,
so 'Hi y'all!"

My wish list. 
1) I want to add a field to each instance of a SKU that is in the
shopping cart so the buyer can add custom instructions for items.  This
must accept arbitrary text, but I think I will have to work out how to
make sure code cannot be run from it.
2) I want bulk upload to the database from csv or (2.a.) a
spreadsheet-like php page that lets a user type in several products at
once and add all their attributes at once.  

Where would you start with this kind of wishlist?  
Would you build it for 6.x and then back it into 5.x, based on the good
probability that the project will not get done this month?
Would this be categorized as an insanely optimistic 1st project?

Thanks in advance


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