[development] Drupal for Fun

Ramiro Gómez web at ramiro.org
Wed Feb 6 22:03:17 UTC 2008

Hi Florian,

Nice idea for a presentation. Is the guitar module you mention on your 
presentation page published somewhere? I couldn't find it on drupal.org 
and have never heard of it so far.

> I'm making a proposal for a presentation in the track "birds of a
> feather" at DrupalCon, with the title "Drupal for Fun". It will be a
> showcase of fun modules that serve unusual purposes. In addition to
> being entertaining, they also help us explore beyond what Drupal was
> (or wasn't) meant to do. To give you an example, an idea I recently
> implemented is an API for jquery games allowing you to play with other
> users online, and a TicTacToe module using that API.
> If you will be at DrupalCon and you are interested in entertaining
> some people by giving a quick presentation about what your module does
> and how it works, send me an e-mail (not on the development mailing
> list) and I'll add your name and your module to the presentation
> proposal.
> http://boston2008.drupalcon.org/session/drupal-fun
> Thank you,
> Florian

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