[development] Drupal for Fun

Florian Loretan floretan at gmail.com
Wed Feb 6 17:32:41 UTC 2008

I'm making a proposal for a presentation in the track "birds of a
feather" at DrupalCon, with the title "Drupal for Fun". It will be a
showcase of fun modules that serve unusual purposes. In addition to
being entertaining, they also help us explore beyond what Drupal was
(or wasn't) meant to do. To give you an example, an idea I recently
implemented is an API for jquery games allowing you to play with other
users online, and a TicTacToe module using that API.

If you will be at DrupalCon and you are interested in entertaining
some people by giving a quick presentation about what your module does
and how it works, send me an e-mail (not on the development mailing
list) and I'll add your name and your module to the presentation


Thank you,


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