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Jerad Bitner sirkitree at gmail.com
Wed Feb 6 17:03:15 UTC 2008

ubercart has a csv import feature... maybe you can check that out.
ubercart has been much easier to use in my exp. but if you don't want
to change over, at least take a look at the submodule that does this
and maybe you can port for your purposes.

On Feb 6, 2008 11:42 AM, wolf <wolf at networkdefense.biz> wrote:
>  I probably have 3000 items and sub-items, but have spent 9 hours building
> an index page for 100 products, that I had to break into 4 pages in Drupal
> because the system choked on the 1000+ lines of code needed to do what I
> wanted to do.  I do not expect to have to refresh the whole menagerie every
> day or week, but it is awful that it takes this long to do this.  I am
> having to work outside of the ubercart system because of the second part of
> the issue, that arbitrary instructions field that I need.  Paypal cart lets
> me do this, however it loses all the ec features of ecommerce.
>  Thanks for your help
>  Wolf
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>  It really depends on what you call "bulk". I have such a site with over
> 100k
>  SKUs, updated weekly, and creating/deleting the whole node set every week
> is
>  not something you want to do. OTOH, if you're in the 1k SKUs, this is still
>  reasonable.
>  The key concept for such volume use, though, appears to be lazy node
>  creation (only create product nodes when you actually want a transaction
>  involving them). This has been discussed recently (maybe it was one some
>  planet blog ?), and others pointed to similar mechanisms on their own
>  project. The problem is that ecommerce (and AFAIK, ubercart) have no
> support
>  for such mechanisms, only being able to work on product nodes, not create
>  nodes on the fly from non-drupal data.
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