[development] Module developers, please do *proper* releases !

Xavier Bestel xavier.bestel at free.fr
Mon Feb 18 16:56:05 UTC 2008

On Mon, 2008-02-18 at 08:49 -0800, Earl Miles wrote:
> Ashraf Amayreh wrote:
> > Sometime I think this should become a requirement rather than something 
> > optional, all current dev releases could be promoted to a first release 
> > and new dev releases banned.
> No, because during active development it is really convenient to have 
> the -dev releases available.
> I agree that it is inconvenient that sloppy module maintainers do not 
> create releases. However, this is my philosophy:
> If the maintainer of the module is sloppy enough as to not be able to 
> provide proper releases, despite the existence of a good release 
> mechanism, then I have little reason to trust that module developer's code.
> i.e, I think people simply should not use these modules.

But then, these modules should be filtered out of the modules list on
drupal.org, unless one ticks an "include unreleased modules" checkbox.
That would help greatly in building a module set.


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