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Tue Feb 19 00:37:04 UTC 2008

On Feb 18, 2008 7:48 PM, Greg Knaddison - GVS <
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> Now, I have to disagree with Victor a little bit.  While "it's ready
> when it's ready" is a common mantra for open source projects the
> Ubuntu team is showing how it is not a necessary condition for good
> open source projects.  Without a doubt one fundamental rule of open
> source is, however, "scratch your own itch."  I bring that up because
> a lot of people are saying "Developers should have to do this, module
> maintainers should have to do that."

Cool, well I think "scratch your own itch" is equivalent to "it's ready when
it's ready".

In that what I am trying to defend is bazaar thinking as against cathedral

"It's ready when it is ready" is not some lackadaisical  excuse to be lazy.
It means that the new features are brought in precisely because the
community is anxious to have them and therefore to provide the code and
testing for it. Which is the equivalent to what you are saying about
"scratch your own itch", which indeed is a concept at the heart of the Open
Source business model.

And I agree with Nancy about metrics and ratings... I don't think a lot of
bureaucratic rules are going to help, or that more rules necessarily makes
things better. It's quality, and that has historically come from an
unfettered open source model (because a thousand eyes see more than a
cathedral prism).

The concept of "it's ready when it's ready" means that instead of some
arbitrary business interest being served for some corporation so it can
shove its planned obsolescence down the throat of consumers, it is the
community which determines progress, in fulfilling their own REAL needs (not
ones invented by some corporation), and it is the community which has to put
its money (effort) where its mouth is, in order for the quality to be built

That's what has to be defended.

So, let's scratch away, I say.


Victor Kane
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