[development] A Git mirror for Drupal CVS

Mikkel Høgh mikkel at hoegh.org
Thu Feb 21 10:03:02 UTC 2008

Hi Gordon,

I have enabled "blame".
I'm glad to see that Git is catching on around the Drupal community. I 
hope some day to be able to look back at CVS as only a bad memory ;)

And yeah, it is big. It took hours to import it with git cvsimport, but 
amazingly, the whole repository only takes up 15MB, which is really 
impressive to me, since it includes the entire CVS repository will 
themes, images and code with a lot of changes these 8 years. That's like 
2MB per year.

I'm afraid that we won't be so lucky with the contributions repository, 
but if we ever were to switch to Git or something like it, it would be 
madness to continue to have all 1000+ modules in the same repository - 
it's maddening enough already ;)


Gordon Heydon wrote:
> Hi,
> This is great. I have a git mirror of the e-Commerce cvs and this looks 
> great.
> I did try and make a drupal mirror but it would not import it because it 
> was so big.
> It would be also nice if you can turn on blame which is like annotate.
> See what I have done at http://git.drupalecommerce.org
> Gordon.
> Mikkel Høgh wrote:
>> Forgive me my shameless self-promotion, but I'd like to draw attention 
>> to my newly created Git-mirror of cvs.drupal.org
>> Git ( http://git.or.cz/ ) is a great version control system that I use 
>> to keep my Drupal-sites up-to-date, so a complete mirroring of Drupals 
>> CVS with tags and branches and all is a great step forward - for me at 
>> any rate.
>> I've made a longer blog post about it here:
>> http://mikkel.hoegh.org/blog/2008/a_git_mirror_for_drupal_cvs
>> The repository is here:
>> http://git.lion47.com/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi
>> Kind regards,
>> Mikkel Høgh <mikkel at hoegh.org>
>> !DSPAM:1000,47baeae8295767450237654!

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