[development] A Git mirror for Drupal CVS

Gordon Heydon gordon at heydon.com.au
Thu Feb 21 22:26:22 UTC 2008


Mikkel Høgh wrote:
> Hi Gordon,
> I have enabled "blame".
> I'm glad to see that Git is catching on around the Drupal community. I 
> hope some day to be able to look back at CVS as only a bad memory ;)

Yes that would be nice, but if something like git were to be adopted 
then we would still offer CVS as a entry level so people can easily 
commit stuff with having the ease of learning git.

> And yeah, it is big. It took hours to import it with git cvsimport, but 
> amazingly, the whole repository only takes up 15MB, which is really 
> impressive to me, since it includes the entire CVS repository will 
> themes, images and code with a lot of changes these 8 years. That's like 
> 2MB per year.

That is so cool, I need to check this out more.

> I'm afraid that we won't be so lucky with the contributions repository, 
> but if we ever were to switch to Git or something like it, it would be 
> madness to continue to have all 1000+ modules in the same repository - 
> it's maddening enough already ;)

Yes I have been thinking about this, and I think that we would need to 
break each of the projects out into there own repositories, so they 
would be easier to maintain, and divide up the permissions.

I really like git a lot, and I would be interested in collaborating on 
this with you.


> //mikl
> Gordon Heydon wrote:
>> Hi,
>> This is great. I have a git mirror of the e-Commerce cvs and this 
>> looks great.
>> I did try and make a drupal mirror but it would not import it because 
>> it was so big.
>> It would be also nice if you can turn on blame which is like annotate.
>> See what I have done at http://git.drupalecommerce.org
>> Gordon.
>> Mikkel Høgh wrote:
>>> Forgive me my shameless self-promotion, but I'd like to draw 
>>> attention to my newly created Git-mirror of cvs.drupal.org
>>> Git ( http://git.or.cz/ ) is a great version control system that I 
>>> use to keep my Drupal-sites up-to-date, so a complete mirroring of 
>>> Drupals CVS with tags and branches and all is a great step forward - 
>>> for me at any rate.
>>> I've made a longer blog post about it here:
>>> http://mikkel.hoegh.org/blog/2008/a_git_mirror_for_drupal_cvs
>>> The repository is here:
>>> http://git.lion47.com/cgi-bin/gitweb.cgi
>>> Kind regards,
>>> Mikkel Høgh <mikkel at hoegh.org>
> !DSPAM:1000,47bd521f234551804284693!

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