[development] A Git mirror for Drupal CVS

Caleb Gilbert caleb.gilbert at gmail.com
Sat Feb 23 01:50:38 UTC 2008

I agree with Karoly's opinion on this one, at least where hastiness is

    A) 'The devil you know, vs. the devil you don't know'...meaning, why
bother re-training everyone
        for anything less than something *truly* easy/fantastic. Love it or
hate it, most of the highest
        contributing people within the Drupal community can get things done
with cvs at the moment.
        It's cvs can be an obstacle, but it's not insurmountable.

    B) Implementing :something truly easy/fantastic" in place is likely
going to be at least an 18 month process.

    C) Anything less than a browser based gui, why bother...does the
community really want to get in
        the business of maintaining OS-specific clients?

</me sticks two cents back in pocket>
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