[development] Fwd: [General inquiry (other)] The next generation drupal UI configuration?

Konstantin Käfer kkaefer at gmail.com
Sun Feb 24 22:44:35 UTC 2008


I was asked to share this link on the development mailing list. Maybe  
there is someone willing to convert it to a contrib module. It looks  
interesting. Carli claims that it's still a prototype, though.


> From: "Carli Beeli" <cbeeli at gmail.com>
> Date: 24. Februar 2008 23:22:27 MEZ
> To: kkaefer at gmail.com
> Subject: The next generation drupal UI configuration?
> Hi Drupal Team!
> I've graduated from University and did a graduation project that  
> "might"
> interest you.
> Since I have little time to develop it further, I thought someone else
> might find it useful.
> There's a video of the project on:  www.freesite.ch/gravity
> Please watch it. => Could the next Drupal UI configuration be similar?
> If you're interested I'd happily give you further information on it  
> and
> even send you the complete source code. The JavaScript functionality  
> is
> done with jQuery.
> Thanks for letting me know how you find it and if it's of any use for
> you!
> Best wishes
> Xapadoo
> Carli Beeli

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