[development] #ahah documentation - Re: groking ajax callbacks

Augustin (Beginner) drupal.beginner at wechange.org
Wed Jan 2 12:27:55 UTC 2008

On Tuesday 01 January 2008 21:22, Peter Wolanin wrote:
> Augustin,
> The #ahah element was (if I recall) added after the major changes
> to the book module went in.  So The page I pointed you two predates
> its existence (and is thus obviously incomplete).  quicksketch and
> dmitrig01 tweaked the book module form to include #ahah later.  You
> might be able ask them for some help with the docs.
> http://cvs.drupal.org/viewvc.py/drupal/drupal/modules/book/book.adm

Actually, I found out a few minutes ago, that quicksketch made some 
considerable effort to document all of this, but his patch never got 
committed: #18 at 

Would that mean that most of your page is now obsolete?
Could you review it, or at least add a note and a warning to it, re. 
#ahah ?



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