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Idan Arbel idan at arbel-designs.com
Sat Jan 12 17:30:52 UTC 2008



I'm working on a module to auto translate nodes on my websites. I'm using
google translate to do this.


I've encountered a problem that I was hoping someone would have an idea how
to solve..when I translate a text that has "special characters", mainly
those that aren't English, and I try to display them, I get characters that
are black diamonds. When trying to display those using drupal with drupal
set message, something strange happens, it seems like drupal just ignores
the entire function. I'm trying to print it out of a nodeapi hook, and the
when I do all the other drupal_set_messages aren't displayed, even those
that come before. 


Anyway, I think I've isolated the problem to the encoding of the characters,
but I don't know how to solve it. I see the characters with the black
diamonds when I print_r($translation), in this case I only see them. And
when ever I try to drupal_set_message them I don't see anything. 


If I translate a text that doesn't have one of those characters, all is


This is what I'm using to translate the texts:



function google_translate($text, $from = 'en', $to = 'es') {

  $data = "h1=en&ie=UTF8&text=$text";

  $result = drupal_http_request(I18N_AUTO_GOOGLE_TRANSLATE_TRANSLATOR_URL .
'?langpair='. $from .'|'. $to, array(), 'POST', $data);

  $texttosearch = "id=result_box";

  $start = strpos($result->data, $texttosearch);

  $end = strpos($result->data, "</div>", $start+24);

  $start = $start + 24;

  $translated = substr($result->data, $start, $end-$start);

  return $translated;






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