[development] So why we do support postgresql?

Ken Rickard agentrickard at gmail.com
Wed Jan 16 00:51:21 UTC 2008

I'm with Killes on this one, somewhat grudgingly, but I came around after
the last debate on the topic.

I now do all my Drupal development on pgSQL.  Then I run code into
production on MySQL. Think of it as a development "best practice" on the
order of simpletests.

Sadly, I've been working on other projects and not core.

Also sadly, I started down this path because no one else would test my
modules on pgSQL.

For us Mac users, the Marc Liyanage package (of course) is simple to
configure.  http://www.entropy.ch/software/macosx/postgresql/

- Ken Rickard

On Jan 15, 2008 7:23 PM, Karoly Negyesi <karoly at negyesi.net> wrote:

> > This discussion is pretty pointless. Dries has stated multiple times
> > that he wants to increase the number of supported databases. So doing a
> > Drupal release without full pgsql support is out of the question.
> And Dries has changed his mind about stuff more than once. He listens and
> can be convinced.
> > So, I'd like to revert the idea: People who complain about postgres not
> > been tested and the release being late because of this should set up a
> > postgres DB and test Drupal on it. Can't be that hard.
> yeah but what about scratch your own itch? I have no business with
> postgresql .
> Regards
> NK

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