[development] How to start new module

Marolijo - Pol maresma marolijo at yahoo.es
Fri Jan 18 08:38:00 UTC 2008

Hello, I'm a newbie on module development...
I readed the Module Creator Guide, but I need to do a special thing and
don't know where to start.
I need a simple module to make a csv (or xml) of a content type with cck
field, including images.
I tried Views Export but doesn't work with images. (i need to put the image
url on the csv)
Can someone tell me where to find a guide on how to do the selectes on the
database, and how to output a file to the browser on a specific path?
Thank's for all!
Pol Maresma / pol at polnetwork.com 
PolNetwork.com / Serveis d'Internet
msn: marolijo
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