[development] So why we do support postgresql?

Khalid Baheyeldin kb at 2bits.com
Mon Jan 21 18:02:25 UTC 2008

On Jan 21, 2008 7:42 AM, Jean-Michel Pouré <jm at poure.com> wrote:

> Dear friends,
> > That is all well and good from "it runs" ( i.e. unit testing,
> > functionality is OK),
> > but when you try to optimize for large datasets or complex queries,
> > you often
> > have to do things that are database engine specific.
> >
> > This is a classic clash been theory and reality.
> Sorry, not my opinion.
> MySQL employs non-standard SQL queries.
> If the code was written primarily for PostgreSQL using tables,
> standard sql queries and views, it would run smoothly on MySQL and most
> databases like Oracle and DB2.
> This is because PostgreSQL is the standard SQL99 implementation.
> Very few things differ in PostgreSQL.
> The converse is not true.

That is all good, but how is that related to the issue at hand? We have
a problem as it is with development and testing resources for PostgreSQL,
so your solution is to make everyone use PostgreSQL instead of MySQL
to solve that problem?

> > The bottleneck is how many developers know PostgreSQL AND care
> > about Drupal using PostgreSQL, and willing to put in the effort to
> > keep
> > in tandem with MySQL so PostgreSQL does not lag behind.
> I recommand using pgAdmin III graphical client, which is the standard
> graphical interface for PostgreSQL.
> Also, log and analyse all SQL queries and plans.
> Like in my HOWTO : PostgreSQL query optimisation =>
> http://area51.phpbb.com/phpBB/viewtopic.php?f=3&t=29292

How is this going to help with the main issue (lack of human resources
on the PostgreSQL side)?

People who develop and deploy Drupal use mainly MySQL.

Should we give them more work to solve the problem of lack or
resource (or the pgSQL folk not contributing)?

> It is pretty hard against MySQL. Sorry, this is the opinion of most
> people designing databases. I may change my opinion when a better
> transactional support is added with better SQL99 suppport.

pgSQL is a better database than MySQL (at least MyISAM). No one is
saying otherwise. The issue is how the community is made up, not a technical


> Besides, I find Drupal sometimes slow on my testing installation. I will
> try to debug SQL queries written for MySQL and will report them back.
> Kind regards,
> Jean-Michel

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2bits.com, Inc.
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