[development] developing a Working Groups module

Lluís enboig at gmail.com
Thu Jan 24 12:48:28 UTC 2008

I need to create a module similar to Organic Groups, but with some
major differences:

- the idea behind the groups isn't to make users work together; it is
to have users with different roles inside a group (it is intended to
add a module for a treasurer, a teacher, a secretary ...), each one
having its own content for the group, the users will leave/join
different groups yearly, but content will remain in the group.
- my groups will be hierarchical, so a user with access to a group,
"may" have access to lower groups.
- a user will be able to "activate" the group which is working on, so
only information of the active group is listed (mixing information of
lower groups will depend on "activation mode")
- users will have different access levels (some can see content, some
can modify, some can see lower groups information and some not,
- with time I have to be able to add more "user types" who will have
their own funcionalities, roles, etc...

Since now I am sure I will have to:
- Create a new nodetype acting as a group with information of which
group refers to
- a special table to store which group a user belongs to, which type
of user he is and which permissions does he have.
- I will need to add a table to store if a node belongs to a working
group or it is "group free" and avaliable to everybody.
- every "user type" module will have to had something similar to hooks
to allow my module to work with them.

I am studying Organic groups in order to learn how to achieve all
this, but any hint is welcome, a better planification can save me a
lot of work.

Thanks for any help (and for reading)

PD: It will be my second module with drupal, so I don't have much
experience, specially with permissions, search engine.

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