[development] writing a module to count the nodes and format them

Alex Moreno al3xmor3no at gmail.com
Thu Jan 24 12:53:44 UTC 2008

Hi all,

first of all, thanks a lot everybody for your help in my module dev process
learning. I´ve find all your answers very very helpfull.

I´d like to share my learnings, maybe, with two or three modules of my own.
For example, i´ve patched drupal to be able of show the first post/node in
the first row in the frontpage, and the rest in two columns bellow. ¿Should
it be possible to write this short css code in a module?

The code now uses a counter that detects the first node, it format as we
need and continues with the rest. Is it possible to make this hack in a
module? Which functions should i search for or which one in the api could
help me to make this. Or This is only possible hacking directly the core of
drupal, as i´ve done?

As you suppose, my sollution sucks because i can´t share anything with the
community in an easy way and every time i upgrade drupal, i have to hack it

¿Some ideas or i´m only telling stupidities? Bloody gossips and ideas are
wellcome ;-).
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