[development] Drupal Speakers at the Women in Open Source at SCALE 6x

Gareth J. Greenaway g at socallinuxexpo.org
Thu Jan 31 23:50:58 UTC 2008


On February 8th, 2008 in Los Angeles CA at the Southern California Linux
Expo's Women in Open Source event, Drupal's own Addison Berry and Angela
Byron will be speaking.  Addison will be speaking on Open Source
Mentoring, specifically discussing the Drupal Dojo program. Angela will
follow with a discussion on what Drupal is and then hw to build a
dynamic website with Drupal.

Both Angela and Addison are excellent speakers, so I encourage everyone
who is able to, to attend and hear them speak.  Admission to the Women
in Open Source event is free with full priced admission to the main
conference.  Please use the promotional code, DRPL8, for a 50% discount.

More information about the Women in Open Source Event can be found here,

More information about the main Southern California Linux Expo can be
found here, http://www.socallinuxexpo.org/

Thank you.

Gareth J. Greenaway <g at socallinuxexpo.org>
Voice - 877-831-2569 x130
Southern California Linux Expo

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