[development] Future 6.x release schedule?

Jim Li jimmydami at gmail.com
Thu Jul 10 20:10:33 UTC 2008

Glad 6.3 is out, and I notice there are approximately more than 60 patches
get into 6.3 release. Though I don't know how many of these fixed issues
are  critical, it raises the question to me that do we want to review
release schedule for 6.x? I know it's been discussed before, but can we
reconsider it, especially given that 7.x release is pushed out to maybe mid

If my understanding is correct, current policy or practice on old rev
release is not until a security bug surfaces. It works okay when release
cycles are relatively short (I think 5.0 was release 10.5 months after 4.7).
But sometimes, I still, guilty as it is, can't wait to see some security
bugs are found, not only because drupal is safer but more to the fact that
other critical patches get a chance to get into the official release. But
even so, without a release schedule, it's sort of hard to plan my time or
soliciting help on certain critical 6.x issues.

So what do you think if we have some sort of flexible but known schedule for
future 6.x release, by either set a tentative target date, like Nov 1th or
every 4-6 months or when critical bug fixes have accumulated to a certain
number, then 6.4 will be released?
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