[development] Left menu missing

Joel Penner (Volt) a-joelpe at microsoft.com
Fri Jul 25 16:37:56 UTC 2008

Looks like I found the problem. If the database returns NULL if there are no more rows to retrieve and that is then passed on to the app, it causes lots of problems, fixed

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> Yes, it's mostly blank, do you know if my database driver would have
> caused this? Where is this data gathered from?

The cache_menu table holds the result from the menu module calling
every hook_menu implementation and then calling cache_set with the
serialized array data when there is no cache_menu data.  The menu
module may also call cache_set when there may be a need for an update.
The data type for the columns must be large enough to hold the
serialized data.  The devel module will give you clues and I highly
suggest it for any development of a module.

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