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Nathaniel Catchpole catch56 at googlemail.com
Wed Jun 4 09:06:07 UTC 2008

I've moved this up to the top level of "beyond the basics" (alongside
snippets, modules, themes, howtos etc.). And it's even got a WYSIWYG
comparison in it (although a few months old now). I'd quite like to see a
comparison of the various 'related/similar content' modules - there must be
at least 10-15 by now. Image modules would be a massive help for newbies.
Must be lots of others.


On 6/4/08, Karen Stevenson wrote:
> I think a 'module comparisons' section is important enough to deserve a
> top-level place in the handbook, with a link from the downloads page to make
> it easy for someone looking for modules to find. I actually think writeups
> like this are far more useful that the contrib module rating system that is
> often discussed. What does a 5 star rating tell you? It tells you the module
> solved a specific problem for the person who rated it, it doesn't tell you
> if it will solve *your* problem or be useful in *your* situation. But this
> kind of writeup makes it easy to see which module is the best fit for your
> particular situation, which is really really useful.
> This should not be buried down in the module documentation -- someone
> looking at one of the other modules would never see it. It should be very
> prominent (and that hopefully would also encourage other people to add more
> of these kinds of comparisons).
> For instance a good comparison of the different wysiwyg editors would be
> pretty useful :)
> Karen
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