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Stella Power stella at stellapower.net
Wed Jun 4 19:20:26 UTC 2008

I think we may also need a comparison on the different "access" modules
available.  For example, there's "node access", "taxonomy access control",
"taxonomy access control lite", "simple access", "path access", "url
access", ...  While I'm sure they all do different things, it would be
useful to an overview page of the features provided by each.

I also wouldn't mind a comparison on the ecommerce modules available in
Drupal, though perhaps that would be too big a task for one person!  I'm
sure I saw a comparison of e-commerce and ubercart somewhere on the web,
can't find it right now, but it might be another useful link to add to this
section of the handbook.

It might be useful to see comparisons that other users want too.  Should
users create documentation tasks?  Or should they just scratch their own
itch?  I'm already a member of the docs team and certainly wouldn't mind
helping with this.


On Wed, Jun 4, 2008 at 2:25 AM, Karen Stevenson <karen at elderweb.com> wrote:

> I think a 'module comparisons' section is important enough to deserve a
> top-level place in the handbook, with a link from the downloads page to make
> it easy for someone looking for modules to find. I actually think writeups
> like this are far more useful that the contrib module rating system that is
> often discussed. What does a 5 star rating tell you? It tells you the module
> solved a specific problem for the person who rated it, it doesn't tell you
> if it will solve *your* problem or be useful in *your* situation. But this
> kind of writeup makes it easy to see which module is the best fit for your
> particular situation, which is really really useful.
> This should not be buried down in the module documentation -- someone
> looking at one of the other modules would never see it. It should be very
> prominent (and that hopefully would also encourage other people to add more
> of these kinds of comparisons).
> For instance a good comparison of the different wysiwyg editors would be
> pretty useful :)
> Karen
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> I've done one on the two glossary modules I'm aware of (glossary.module and
> g2.module), it's on the g2 project page. Maybe there are more, though ?
> This being said, you might have something: module duplication and module
> voting being recurrent themes, it might make sense to formalize a rule
> like:
> "if you're doing a module that resembles other modules, create a comparison
> page, that will go in the <to be determined> section of the handbook", in
> the dev manual.
> What do you think of it ?
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