[development] What to do with Drupal FTP?

Dave Cohen drupal at dave-cohen.com
Wed Jun 11 18:07:15 UTC 2008

On Wednesday 11 June 2008, Aaron Winborn wrote:
> Regarding Drupal FTP at http://drupal.org/project/drupal_ftp


> ... The project itself came partly out of
> the poor file handling that Drupal has had in the past (but will
> hopefully be fixed with http://drupal.org/node/142995 hint hint...)


I'm all in favor of improving Drupal's core file handling.  But also when 
discussions like this come up, I mention http://drupal.org/project/upapi 
(Upload API contrib module).  If I could rally the troops around this module 
it could become a great thing.

One thing this module does is invoke hooks to let other modules know when new 
files have been uploaded and act on them.  I can imagine an add-on that 
detects FTPed files, and inserts them into the upapi system (which currently 
only supports uploads via forms).

> Should I entirely remove the project? Officially abandon it? Amend or
> replace the project page with a warning, in case people are actually
> using it? Ask for a security team audit if we decide to keep it?

I'd maintain it if you need it, hand it off if you don't.  But don't remove it 


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