[development] Bug in profile.module for new users

John VanDyk jvandyk at iastate.edu
Thu Jun 26 13:30:56 UTC 2008



>I've discovered a bug that is manifesting itself in the 
>"profile.module" when new users are created via my remote 
>authentication module.
>My module calls user_external_login_register,
>which calls user_load
>which calls user_module_invoke with $type = "insert"
>which calls profile_user
>which calls profile_save_profle
>which calls _profile_get_fields
>which calls user_access
>And this is where the problem is. The user is still being created, 
>and calling user_access creates a bad sql query and presents a whole 
>bunch of warnings to the user when their account is created.
>Attached is a patch, which removes the problem. But I wanted to know 
>whether the problem is really in the profile.module 
>(_profile_get_fields) or in the user.module (user_access) ??
>Any thoughts?
>Attachment converted: Scutigera:profile-module.patch (    /    ) (0057D6FB)

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