[development] Code freeze?

Angela Byron drupal-devel at webchick.net
Thu Jun 26 16:20:35 UTC 2008

Moshe Weitzman wrote:
>> I think that our current test coverage by conventional tools is going to be
>> close to 0%. It's also clear that the community has not in fact "embraced
>> testing." Instead, a hardcore group of around 15-20 people (the "testing
>> brigade" ;)) have, and are driving this effort forward on behalf of the rest
>> of the development team.
> I am quite certain that you will not see any "embrace" until
> testing.drupal.org is up and integrated into our workflow. When the
> TestingBot starts posting unit test success/failure into the queue, we
> will see the embrace.

Yep. Step 0 of that is making sure all tests pass, otherwise *every* 
uploaded patch will report test failures. ;) That means getting 
down to 0.

Step 1 is abstracting out the issue reply status change functionality - 

Steps 2+ will be at http://drupal.org/project/issues/Drupaltestbed

Obviously, the more hands on deck, the faster we live in a glorious 
world where:
- patch creators get told within 24 hours whether their patches need 
re-rolls without having to wait for a reviewer to stumble cross them 
many weeks later
- patch reviewers are assured that any issues marked patch (code needs 
review) are, in fact, reviewable, and don't waste their invaluable time 
trying to apply patches that either don't apply anymore or break 
existing functionality
- testers are assured that once they write a test to confirm a bug is 
fixed or a feature works, that bug will never again recur and that 
feature will never get broken.
- developers are free to refactor with impunity because they can tell 
instantly if they've broken something fundamental to the system.

That said, the Batch API patch makes running all tests tolerable (even a 
little bit fun!) now from within testing module itself. So although 
testing.drupal.org is definitely a VERY nice to have, it's not a 
prerequisite for embracing testing. We can start today. :)


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