[development] Resetting Drupal's menu cache

Charlie Gordon cwgordon7 at cwgordon.com
Fri Jun 27 16:12:04 UTC 2008

Matt Connolly wrote:
> Thanks.
> Clearing cache data at the very bottom of the performance page did the 
> trick.
> The question was originally because you cannot disable core modules, 
> such as "menu.module".
Um, yes, you can disable menu module. Just uncheck the box. :P In any 
case, it is not necessary - simply resubmitting the modules 
administration page will cause the menu cache to rebuild, which will 
affect /all/ modules, not just the ones disabled/re-enabled.

Also, in what case would you have changes to menu_menu()? It is a core 
module - its code should not be changed.

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