[development] Code freeze?

Caleb Gilbert caleb.gilbert at gmail.com
Mon Jun 30 19:37:04 UTC 2008

Indeed this does go to a lot of people. Please try not to feel compelled to
try and censor things that someone else might feel compelled to share --
especially if they are particularly exited and upbeat about something the
community is doing. Some people might call this sharing, "feedback", and see
value in receiving it.

- Caleb

This list goes to a lot of people. Please try to make your posts more
substantive than "I agree!"

----- "Caleb Gilbert" wrote:
> Reading this thread has me very excited - what a great decision to extend
the code freeze of Drupal 7 for a while! In particular, I enjoyed/share
chx's comment that 'Drupal 5/6 is quite good enough to hang-a-reputation-on
for some time to come'. Indeed they are. :-)
> - Caleb
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