[development] drop tasks for Drupal students

Kristof Van Tomme kristof at pronovix.com
Tue Mar 11 11:43:48 UTC 2008

Later this week I'm holding a Drupal introductory class at the university of
Szeged, Hungary.

I would like to show the students how easy it is to become part of the
Drupal community. That's why I thought that besides the not-for-profit
Drupal project they have to do for the course, I would ask students to get
at least 5 DROP points as a condition for succeeding with the course. Do you
think this is a good idea?

If I do this I will need lots of DROP tasks cause I'll have something
between 30 and 50 students. So if you have any bitesize tasks a newbie can
handle, please add them at http://drop.cwgordon.com
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