[development] Privatemsg needs a better maintainer

Earl Miles merlin at logrus.com
Thu Mar 27 00:35:11 UTC 2008

FGM wrote:
> Note that coupling this observation with the trend towards a leaner, 
> more feature-limited core, makes the value proposition of drupal more 
> problematic: if core unbundles features to contrib in order to obtain 
> a better and more performing core, contrib cannot but remain of lower 
> quality, and the overall value to potential users becomes lower 
> between a small and excellent core, and a haphazard mix of contrib 
> modules, only some of which are of quality comparable with core.

Well, this depends a lot on the quality and interest of people helping 
to maintain contrib. With companies like Acquia staking their company 
reputation on contrib working, *they* are going to put resources into 
making sure that contrib quality is higher. Hopefully these resources 
will lead a community charge and get other resources to help as well.

Drupal has done a very good job of working core stuff, but those of us 
who work primarily in contrib have to work a lot harder to produce a 
quality product. At least some of us do, but it's a good reason to 
mistrust all of contrib.

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