[development] Creating fields: custom vs. CCK

Michael Favia michael at favias.org
Mon Mar 31 17:54:53 UTC 2008

Sean Wingert wrote:
> I need to create a new content type with about 20 fields. Should I use CCK or a .install file?

Most prefer cck fields because of the built in third party support for 
things like views fields, etc. But the overhead of the abstraction 
should be considered if the transactions speed is the utmost concern. In 
many cases though id rather go CCK + validation modules over custom 
because hardware is cheap and code is expensive to maintain and update.

The programmatic creation of content types and fields is an area i would 
like to explore and develop personally. I would like to create "meta 
modules that provide these validation functions and automatically create 
required content types and fields for proper operation and deployment 
with minimal user interaction. Others working in these areas? Or 
existing functionality i dont know about? SoC, etc?

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