[development] How Trellon gave back to Drupal (April 2007)

Morbus Iff morbus at disobey.com
Thu May 1 11:53:28 UTC 2008


As a well-known Drupal shop, Trellon continually strives to contribute
back to the Drupal community in any way it can. Sometimes, we're just
too busy, other times, we're just plain ol' lazy and, more often than
not, Morbus is complaining about quality or apoptosis or whatever. By
keeping track of what we give back, however, we hope to more clearly see
how much we are, or aren't, helping Drupal help ourselves.

This month saw the release of two modules:

    "This module is intended for administrators who have to jump around
    to specific pages while managing Drupal sites. It's a hotkey-
    activated launcher utility inspired by Quicksilver. A configurable
    hotkey (Ctrl-T by default) brings up the dialog. Type in any part
    of the title or path of the page and an autocompleted list of
    possibilities will pop up. Unlike many other dynamic search
    modules, Teleport searches titles and paths of system pages as
    well as node titles."

    "EMS (Evoca Media Services) allows web sites to add user-generated
     audio content using any telephone, a Flash Recorder, and uploading
    audio files and then delivers that audio content using customizable
    Flash Players or downloads, which are delivered back through a Web

We also did a small project with the webform.module, which allowed us to
submit a healthy number of patches. A good amount were committed:

    Typos and other random comments

    pagebreak gets saved as submitted_data

    Users editing webform link doesn't exist

    Store saved sid in form values for additional processing

    Increase webform_component.name to 255

    Change description from textfield and remove limit

And a few are still under discussion, testing, and rework:

    form is still displayed even if max number exceeded

    No permission for 'take webform'

    Limit to submissions, strange default behaviour

    Patch adding save draft feature

    Allow back and next buttons to customised

    webforms filter system for descriptions
    doesn't work with tinymce correctly

    incorrect file extensions are displayed by file upload

Until next month, superfriends, Develop Drupal Daringly!

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