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On Wed, Apr 30, 2008 at 5:52 PM, Joshua D. Drake <jd at commandprompt.com>

> Moshe Weitzman wrote:
> > You really have to look into devel.module as Larry suggested. It
> > starts a timer before the query initiates and stops after it completes
> > so it is certainly round trip. Your strong assertions are not based in
> > facts. There is no way to shave off 5 seconds because drupal pages
> > don't take that long unless you are doing  extremely non standard
> > stuff.
> >
> *sigh*
> I am done here. Thanks guys!
> Joshua D. Drake


I am not sure why you are "done here".

Typical page loads for a Drupal site should be under 800 ms or so. Ideally,
they would
be from 200 ms to 500 ms. That includes database time and page generation
time as

If you measure database time using the devel module in Drupal (as has been
to you earlier), you will see that 200 queries will take a 100 to 300 ms out
of the
500 ms or so total page time.

So your math is flawed (200 queries * 30 ms each = 5000 ms) and is not a
case at all. Perhaps to a specific application that you have, using
PostgreSQL remotely,
or some other special case.

I can certainly say that the vast majority of Drupal sites on MySQL enjoy a
page execution
time of 800 ms or less, and well tuned sites are in the 200 - 300 ms range.
If page loads
for Drupal or any other web application is in the 5000 ms range, no one
would be using
it at all.
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