[development] New Contributions API Site Launched

Richard Burford rich at freestylesystems.co.uk
Mon May 5 21:55:48 UTC 2008

At the moment everything is manual. My current host doesn't have CVS  
so I'm looking into grabbing individual modules another way. I'll post  
more when I get some time to look into it. Feel free to submit  
requests for more modules and I'll add them manually for the time being.

Maybe I should get a better server...


On 5 May 2008, at 18:03, Jakob Petsovits wrote:

> On Sunday, 4. May 2008, Richard Burford wrote:
>> I've launched a site to provide reference documentation for
>> contributed modules:
>> http://api.freestylesystems.co.uk/
>> At the moment there are only a handful of contributed modules being
>> documented in the Contributions API but you can request more modules
>> using the request form:
>> http://api.freestylesystems.co.uk/module-request
> I assume those modules are updated automatically once they're in,  
> right?
> If so, I'll probably request one or two of my modules to be added :)
> Great stuff, both yours and Axel's site... finally I can see my  
> extensive
> apidox in their "original" HTML format!
> Thanks, and wishes,
>  Jakob

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