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Louis Suarez-Potts Louis.Suarez-Potts at Sun.COM
Thu May 15 19:36:14 UTC 2008

On 2008-05-15, at 11:07 , Khalid Baheyeldin wrote:

> I see where this is going.
> If this fleshes out in to a good usable product, then it can be a  
> Microsoft Sharepoint
> killer.

bingo. :-)

> Sharepoint's strong selling point is the ability to create documents  
> in Word,
> Excel, ...etc. and publish them directly to the web.

yep, though I'd modulo it with, "supposed"

> If what we are discussing materializes, then the same could be done  
> with OpenOffice
> and Drupal. You get a powerful and usable front end that only  
> requires word processing
> skills, and a powerful back end for web publishing, and both are open.
> We have a winner here...

that's what I have been thinking. Ideally, a filter could also work  
with other compatible and free/open CMSs, just as it could also work  
with other ODF implementations, eg, KOffice. My goal is really to make  
the product a flexible one. (Alfresco has gone some distance, I  
believe, along these lines, but lacks Drupal's presence and plugin  
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