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Piermaria Maraziti piermaria at maraziti.it
Fri May 16 09:44:12 UTC 2008

On Fri, May 16, 2008 00:53, Liam McDermott wrote:

>  From Drupal's perspective Sharepoint is not only gaining traction as a
> document portal, but as a platform for building Web sites. This worries
> me.

Yep - a document portal would be useful for various business (or not)
sites. However I suppose that a real interest would be in creating a
website using OOo and Drupal as an "integrated system". Suppose to be able
to publish a "book" (drupal term) using a single document that will split
in chapters and the like. Or similarly organzing a structured knowledge
base or an ecommerce listing and then publish (and manage!) a whole set of
nodes with a "single click" (ok, it will never be "one" but I suppose the
concept is clear).
This should be the target, IMNSHO. Something like this could "sell" - I
mean: obviously not the product itself (free to dowload and use and the
like) but support to it, courses on best practices and the like. I might
have customers interested in it, I will investigate.


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