[development] Compiling Drupal statistics

Angela Byron drupal-devel at webchick.net
Sun May 18 05:42:24 UTC 2008

As tends to happen every 6 months or so, I got asked to compile some 
statistics about Drupal: number of active installations, number of users 
on drupal.org, stuff like that. Each time I try to figure this out it's 
a time-sink of hours and hours and hours. :( And I think most of us get 
asked to compile this information from time to time as well, either on 
behalf of our bosses or because we're giving a presentation somewhere, 
or whatever.

So this time, I threw all the queries I was running into a .php file @ 
tricks/drupal_org_statistics. Per killes, I did not create a new 
permanent PHP page for these statistics on drupal.org, but I did run 
this in a PHP node preview and it came up with the following:


NOTE: There's a bug in the "# of active Drupal installations" query... 
the query that's giving me the list of most used modules reports about 
486,000 active Drupal installations. Feel free to fix it if you figure 
out what the bug is.

If you want to help improve this script, grab a copy of the drupal.org 
testing installation profile 
(http://drupal.org/project/drupalorg_testing) and commit any additional 
queries that you feel would be helpful for admins to compile on a 
semi-regular basis (SELECTs only, naturally :P).

Incidentally, the module/Drupal usage stats will become publicly visible 
as soon as http://drupal.org/node/165380 has been reviewed and 
committed. Anyone who wants to become the next Drupal hero might want to 
jump on that.


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