[development] Slow down with the official releases of contrib already, ok? ; )

David Rothstein dmr37 at cornell.edu
Tue May 27 04:41:08 UTC 2008

Perhaps the root of the problem here is that -dev versions can be used in
*two* different ways, even within the same project, and that both ways are
acceptable depending on the circumstance?  For example, in Drupal core,
6.x-dev is currently stable and there is nothing particularly wrong with
using it on a production site, but 7.x-dev is definitely not stable.

Is there any way that dev versions could be given two different labels to
help indicate this, something like "-dev" and "-stable"?  If you have
already released version 6.x-1.0 of your module, for example, then a
development snapshot labeled 6.x-1.x-stable would be an indication that
only tested bugfixes are being committed to this branch.  True "-dev"
versions could still be themed with the foreboding red X, but "-stable"
versions could be themed differently (yellow background?) so that module
maintainers feel more comfortable holding off on the next official

I haven't looked at all into the implementation, but if this turned out to
be feasible, I think it might go a long way towards solving the problem
mentioned here.

--David Rothstein

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