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Earnie Boyd earnie at users.sourceforge.net
Fri May 30 00:10:22 UTC 2008

Quoting Gregory 'guardian' Pakosz <guardian at pempek.net>:

> David Reed wrote:
>> how about a simple rating system for for contrib modules
> There is http://drupalmodules.com/
> However, last time it was discussed on the #drupal irc channel 
> objections were that the modules are rated by joe user and not by an 
> inner circle of experienced drupalers

I would love to see both where the experienced drupalers would rate 
based on code health and joe user rates based on experience.

> That said, it looks like a huge task to have proper reviews with all 
> the modules out there

The rating would have to be relative to the version of the module 
because a newer version may change the status for the module.

> Also, a module which is so far badly coded or not as state of the art 
> as it could be can be refactored and improved patch after patch. To 
> me, the multiplication of "we all do the same but better(tm)" modules 
> is more of a problem by far

We still need to work out the kinks in the take-over-a-module process.  
If someone is willing and has time to enhance a module then why should 
he be stopped by the lack of time from the present maintainer to even 
add the user to the CVS write access.  The patches of the one that 
wants to take-over-a-module must prove to be at least 80% good and if 
that is the case he should be able to submit a form for that take over.

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