[development] How Trellon gave back to Drupal (May 2008)

Robin Monks robin at robinmonks.com
Fri May 30 19:34:15 UTC 2008

Now, I appreciate that trellon is being so helpful to the community.  That
said this felt like one of those cheaply made 3 minute paid commercial ads
for the magical do-all blender and dog food mixer that comes up right in the
middle of a good movie on TV.  I wasn't expecting to need a TiVo just to
read the Drupal dev list.


On Fri, May 30, 2008 at 12:55 PM, Morbus Iff <morbus at disobey.com> wrote:

> http://www.trellon.com/
> As a well-known Drupal shop, Trellon continually strives to contribute
> back to the Drupal community in any way it can. Sometimes, we're just
> too busy, other times, we're just plain ol' lazy and, more often than
> not, Morbus is complaining about quality or phenoptosis or whatever. By
> keeping track of what we give back, however, we hope to more clearly see
> how much we are, or aren't, helping Drupal help ourselves.
> This month saw the release of a number of modules:
>    Xapian integration
>    http://drupal.org/project/xapian
>    http://www.trellon.com/blog/xapian-search-drupal
>    "A common challenge for Drupal sites is working with documents in
>    different formats and getting them into the search engine. Drupal
>    does not natively index PDFs and Word documents, despite the fact
>    they are the most commonly exchanged text formats on the Internet
>    (outside of HTML) ... [we've] developed a module that replaces
>    Drupal's native search features with the Xapian search engine."
>    Teleport 1.0
>    http://drupal.org/project/teleport
>    We announced this last month, but our "hotkey-activated launcher
>    utility inspired by Quicksilver" has reached 1.0, for both Drupal
>    5 and Drupal 6.
> On a recent project, we've had to provide simple event signups and
> payment acceptance. The signup module provides part of this solution,
> but we also added the signup_pay and signup_status modules to the mix.
> Some remaining requirements resulted in a few additional companions:
>    Signup Pay Early Bird
>    http://drupal.org/project/signup_pay_early_bird
>    Adds two extra fields to the signup_pay module that allows the
>    event creator to specify an early bird discount rate, or percentage,
>    which is then taken into account by signup_pay (req. small patch).
>    Signup Restrict by Role
>    http://drupal.org/project/signup_restrict_by_role
>    Adds the ability to restrict signups to a particular role.
>    For example, if you only want users with the "members" role to
>    be allowed to signup for a particular event.
>    Event Webform
>    http://drupal.org/project/event_webform
>    Adds the ability to relate a webform to an event. This is
>    particularly useful for letting users include requirements for
>    the event (do they want lunch, a room, pickup at airport, etc.)
> A healthy number of patches were also contributed, plus one for core:
>    Drupal core: Allow new comment timestamp to be passed
>    http://drupal.org/node/253577
>    constant_contact: subscriptions.module integration
>    http://drupal.org/node/263691
>    link: Extra url parameters
>    http://drupal.org/node/256490
>    mailhandler: Dies if command line found with no command
>    http://drupal.org/node/253906
>    services: XMLRPC server does not honor optional parameters
>    http://drupal.org/node/179848
>    signup_pay: various typos
>    http://drupal.org/node/260066
>    http://drupal.org/node/260524
>    signup_pay: Add new status code link doesn't show correctly
>    http://drupal.org/node/260527
>    signup_pay: Role weights errors
>    http://drupal.org/node/260539
>    signup_pay: Allow other modules to change payment amounts
>    http://drupal.org/node/263575
>    usernode: add user roles as a viewable field within views
>    http://drupal.org/node/260780
> Until next month, superfriends, Develop Drupal Daringly!
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