[development] how to start a drupal like project

Thomas Zahreddin tz at it-arts.org
Mon Nov 10 21:09:58 UTC 2008

Am Montag 10 November 2008 18:20:31 schrieb My Own Linux:
> I want to write my own open source web application and make it as flexible
> and usable as drupal. I have no experience with a project this size. How do
> I go about it ? What do I need to do first and how do I plan the project ?
> I dont know where to start. I need to know the core technical side of
> project planning (not the hosting, cvs, etc..)
> data structures
> file system layouts
> theme, modules support, etc..

I can't imagen any project you could not write as a drupal module (and there 
exist realy big modules with for example 30 MB).

your Application can use drupal as a Framework.

- so what answer do you expect here ;-)

Thomas Zahreddin
Cofounder of http://VoiceHero.net

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