[development] [OT] how to start a drupal like project

"Fernando P. García" fernandoparedesgarcia at gmail.com
Thu Nov 13 06:06:38 UTC 2008

Yes! a success example is the drupal module ubercart[1], which competes 
with "specialized" FLOSS ecommerce packages.
This topic is OT from this point so pleace place project details at 
group Contributed Modules Ideas[2]*.*


Amy Stephen wrote:
> You might try this title, although I have not read it. -> 
> http://www.packtpub.com/PHP-5-CMS-Framework-Development/book
> Your points about "reinventing the wheel" and "repeating the same 
> stupid mistakes" are good ones. One of the most important benefits of 
> adopting a community based solution is having access to the work of 
> many, many intelligent people - that has been tested by time and 
> diverse install base - and has been improved with that experience.
> I recommend you use Drupal and direct your creative energies towards 
> bringing improvements to that project. What you'll begin with is quite 
> amazing. Why reinvent the wheel or start over at the beginning?
> Anyway - all the best!
> On Tue, Nov 11, 2008 at 7:02 AM, My Own Linux <myown.linux at gmail.com 
> <mailto:myown.linux at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     I am asking this because I was working on a FOSS project for many
>     months and few bad initial design decisions and I had to spend a
>     lot of time rewriting a lot things, and basically the project has
>     come to a dead halt because it just not possible to fix those
>     things now !
>     I dont want to repeat the same mistakes again  :) I want to be
>     more careful this time.
>     I just to know what the provable things and the best approaches
>     for such projects - reinventing the wheel and repeating the same
>     stupid mistakes is just not fun :)
>     :D
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