[development] Make Scheduler more generic

Barkan Saeed barkan at vizteck.com
Wed Nov 19 15:01:03 UTC 2008

Eric, I have drupal developers on team.. if you need any assistance from 
us on this.. we would like to contribute to community


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Eric-Alexander Schaefer wrote:
> Hi list,
> we (a couple of scheduler.module users and I) have been thinking about 
> making scheduler more generic because every other week somebody 
> suggest another thing that needs to be scheduled. The plan is to make 
> scheduler a provider for scheduled triggers. It would hook into the 
> node form and let the user select a date and time and the action that 
> is to be performed at that time (e.g. trigger "Make post 
> sticky"-action at $date).
> I am about to begin coding, but I thought I should share the ideas 
> with this list to get some more input before I start.
> Here are the ideas so far: http://drupal.org/node/276376
> Thanks,
> Eric
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