[development] project node UI changes deployed on d.o

Derek Wright drupal at dwwright.net
Thu Oct 2 07:10:59 UTC 2008

Since I suspect there might be a backlash, and the questions [1] have  
already started coming in about the change, I wanted to briefly  
announce/summarize here.

As of around 3pm PDT on 2008-10-01, all of the links to directly  
submit new issues are gone from project nodes on drupal.org.

Duplicate issues suck a huge amount of time, and many of us  
maintainers spend upwards of 1/2 of our effort in our issue queues  
just marking things duplicate.  This is a drain for maintainers, and  
isn't all that friendly for the end users, either.  To help avoid  
this, we want to encourage people to view the queues and/or search  
for an existing issue about their topic before submitting a new one.

Now, on the project nodes, you have the following issue-related choices:

* View open issues
* View all issues
* View all support requests
* Search issues
* Report a security issue

* View pending patches
* View available tasks

Note that the "View all ..." links bring you to a page that includes  
closed, won't fix, duplicate, etc, to improve the visibility of those  
issues.  The "Report a security issue" link just brings you to the  
security team page explaining the proper procedure for reporting  
suspected vulnerabilities (that's been true since #218571 [2]).

Every issue query result page still contains a "Create" link to  
submit an issue for that particular project.  So, worst case, this  
introduces a single additional click.  Furthermore, maintainers still  
have a "Create" link in your "My projects" [3] pages.

For background on this change, check out this issue: "#310446: Remove  
issue creation links from project pages" [4].

Note, it's very easy to change these links (project.module provides a  
hook, and we're tweaking it via drupalorg.module, so my usual  
complaints about keeping things generic for the non-d.o use cases  
don't apply).  So, if people have suggestions for improvements,  
please add them to #310446.

-Derek (dww)

p.s. I could definitely see the benefit of a "Create a new issue"  
link that brings you to the "view open issues" page with a  
drupal_set_message() about "Please look for an existing issue before  
you create a new one" or something.  If folks are in favor of that,  
please reopen #310446 and let's discuss there.  Thanks.

[1] http://drupal.org/node/316097
[2] http://drupal.org/node/218571
[3] http://drupal.org/project/user
[4] http://drupal.org/node/310446

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