[development] hello from a newbie

Michael Favia michael at favias.org
Mon Oct 13 16:50:52 UTC 2008

Aldo Martinez Selleras wrote:
> this module whihc i'm creating is a gallery, i think with this may i use 
> almost all drupal functions, i mean, database, menu, manage image, create the 
> settings, user management, and the use of some hooks, that is the razon to 
> select that project for my study.

Welcome to drupal. A relatively new and very popular choice for creating 
online galleries is to combine a couple of popular existing modules like so:
Enable cck module and create a new content type. Enable Imagefield 
module and imagecache module and create a new field on your new content 
type. Enable Views modules and create a view that includes the desired 
imagecache derivative in the desired format. You have tons of extra 
options including adding things like "thickbox module" for ajax zooms, 
or other "field formatters" for the cck imagefield. If youd like to 
write your own module i might suggest writing an imagefield formatter 
instead of rewriting everything from scratch. Druapl stands on the 
shoulders of the people who wrote apache, php and mysql, the contrib 
modules stand on the shoulders of drupal core and i highly recommend 
augmenting existing functionality through our extensive system of hook 
over reinventing the wheel for your desired functionality. -mf

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