[development] hello from a newbie

Aldo Martinez Selleras aldo at caonao.cu
Mon Oct 13 14:22:32 UTC 2008

i'm just creating a module for study, i think that is a good way for learn 
about drupal development , i don't think could be a drupal contribute, but if 
cutomize my drupal behavior, and create some one module for specific work.

this module whihc i'm creating is a gallery, i think with this may i use 
almost all drupal functions, i mean, database, menu, manage image, create the 
settings, user management, and the use of some hooks, that is the razon to 
select that project for my study.

now, while working, i think if could i use other module functionality in my 
module, and yersterday 'kumar' tell me that was posible, but i can't do with 
the solution! :(

the module what i want to integrate it's Upload, for the moment when the 
images will be uploaded to the server for be public later in the gallery.

Aldo Martinez Selleras
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