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Earnie Boyd earnie at users.sourceforge.net
Mon Oct 13 13:02:43 UTC 2008

Quoting Aldo Martinez Selleras <aldo at caonao.cu>:

> well, i has been reading a lot of documentation, and books, including module
> codes, and in the drupal.org site, there is a many documentation and tips, by
> example, there is one which explain how to call a function
> if(module_exists('name')){
> 	name_funct();
> }
> so, is single!
> but, i think the big problem in this case, its how i know what is the main
> function for call, i was looking the code, and the module, and him use de
> hook_nodeapi() for include the Upload Form in the nodetypes define in the
> settings for the module, so?
> i just want to do this because i think, if drupal have a upload module, why
> may i implement a single upload system form my module?
> PD: please, i am no very good in my english, sorry. :)

Your English is good enough to communicate.  If it is Drupal core 
you're looking for see api.drupal.org.  If it is a contributed module 
you can always look in the module itself or perhaps use 
http://drupal.kollm.org/doxygen/_contrib/drupal-contrib-phpdoc/dirs.html to 
browse the contribution/module repository.

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