[development] Maintaining Boost?

Josh Koenig josh at chapterthree.com
Thu Oct 16 18:24:25 UTC 2008

As long as I'm on a roll...

Since Victor mentioned I'm taking on the Salesforce module, I wanted  
to know if anyone knew how to contact Arto Bendekin, the maintainer of  

I've been using it a lot lately, and think it has huge potential to  
help Drupal for midrange sites that are getting a fair amount of  
traffic, but lack the resources to move to high-grade hosting.  
Basically, it's the poor man's squid, and this can help out businesses  
and organizations that have VPS-grade hosting but still need to  
withstand high sustained traffic from anonymous users.

I'd like to maintain some updates and get a 6.0 release out, but  
Arto's contact tab is disabled.

Arto: if you're out there, I wanna help! :)


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