[development] Josh Koenig to take up the slack with the Salesforce module

Benjamin Melançon pwgdarchive at gmail.com
Fri Oct 17 08:05:04 UTC 2008

Hi all,

My Salesforce code, which I sent to Victor for review and possible
release as Salesforce 2.x, isn't otherwise released, and hasn't been
added to the project yet as far as I know.  But Josh, it's all yours!
Our (Agaric Design Collective's) client is coming back for a second
Salesforce-integrated site, so we'll be able to help out some more.

All Agaric's contributions involved improving the website to
Salesforce direction.  We didn't need to sync data from Salesforce
back to Drupal, so I merely tried not to break that while refactoring
the code.

Main contribution: we created something of an API module for allowing
other modules to provide ways of getting information to Salesforce,
and an interface for mapping those fields to elements of Salesforce

We then developed a fieldmapping module to match any Webform field to
Salesforce fields.

Important caveat to anyone considering Salesforce:  our integration at
least relies on the Salesforce API, which costs a whole lot of money
for companies to access, and I'm a bit embittered by Salesforce's
complete lack of response to the point that a tool like Drupal means
APIs aren't just for the big players anymore.   (See
http://ideas.salesforce.com/article/show/24160 )  Oh, and for free
software contact management, CiviCRM and its Drupal integration
http://civicrm.org are looking awesome!


Agaric Design Collective
Open Source Free Software Web Development

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